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Monday, April 8, 2019

All Good Things Happen in Threes

Mistress had the best pre-Monday of recent memory. I am a week into my new place, and it completely feels like home. I hip bumped drawers in my kitchen while cooking a roast and humming Sublime. Bad Fish if you're curious.
When you grab a hold of me, tell me that I'll never be set free...
I walked to the Asian market in sandals and a tank top (well and pants too). Ask me again why I love Virginia. Strawberry Pocky and candy that's an arts & crafts project, I love the Asian market.
I am on day three of round three of quitting smoking. There have been more stops & starts than three, but I don't count starts that don't make it past two days. I have an advanced degree in day two now. This round, day three has been pretty sweet. That's never been my experience before, hence how I have so much experience with day two. Who cares about the times before, this time on day 3  I am humming to favorite songs, dancing while I cook dinner, and maintaining a positive mind set while I deal with my taxes. I've totes got this this time. Cue Lil Kim, Suck My- well, let's not be too vulgar.
It is 12:05 A.M. Monday now, the very best day of the week. Time for schedules, and new lists. How many favorite words were in those sentences?
I am available for sessions Monday through Wednesday this week. Thursday a virtual subbie is turning into an in-person subbie. Super excited about that but there are far bigger and cooler things happening this week...
Friday, which is just five days away, Mistress will play hostess and tour guide to... Mistress Dahlia and my subbie Livy! Two of my most favorite people on the planet are coming to visit me.
There will likely be broadcasts before then, but there will most definitely be many this weekend.
They'll look something like this, and you won't want to miss it.
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